Published on June 26, 2012,

Tian posted a great photo set from the ride on his website. Those shown below are from the ride start at the Mountain View Caltrain Station. Click the image to see more.

Here are a couple of photos taken during party stops on top of bike bridges along the route:

Permanente Creek Bridge over Highway 101 in Mountain View, construction finished June 2012.

Mary Avenue Bridge over Highway 280 in Cupertino, construction finished April 2009.

There were lots more bridges (and tunnels) along the route we didn’t manage to get photos of. But we did get a video showing how hazardous gates and bollards on paths are to bicyclists. If you’re an engineer designing a bike path, leave those damn things out!

Next project – Peninsula Bike Party rap video! We experimented with some lyrics that depict the daily struggles bicyclists face with our low-density suburban development. We’ll need some more talented rap freestylers to really make this idea really work…