Published on April 30, 2012,
Midnight Ridazz

Ridazz don’t die,
they multiply!

Los Angeles’s Midnight Ridazz was doing bike parties before bike parties even existed! San Jose Bike Party, the first in the Bay Area, was partly inspired by their riding style. When word got out that Midnight Ridazz was visiting the Bay Area the last weekend in April, the mother of all bike parties was born – the Hella Big Bike Party! Organized and promoted jointly by East Bay Bike Party, San Jose Bike Party, San Francisco Bike Party, and Peninsula Bike Party, the Hella Big Bike Party was one for the record books – complete with a smorgasbord of shenanigans not normally witnessed at the Bay Area’s bike parties – fire soccer and tall bike jousting included!

Here’s a Hella Big Music Video commemorating the ride. Enjoy!